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Artist Minds: Gross Clinics World

Visione: What does gross clinic mean to you?

Gross Clinic: Gross clinic to me means sort of a hub for my creativity to be released. I like to play with many different mediums and ideas, so gross clinic sort of encapsulates all these ideas.

Visione: What do you think of the current state of the art world ?

Gross Clinic: I think the current state of the art world is pretty interesting right now, we have a lot of new things like AI and NFTS, a lot of things that can potentially really change the art world I don’t know if its for the good or bad. It’s pretty uncertain times just like a lot things in the world right now.

Visione: What inspires your current works?

Gross Clinic: My current works have a lot inspiration from anime artists, people like Range Murata, also from video games (Capcom characters) a lot of nostalgic stuff really. It’s sort of a reoccurring theme/inspiration for me.

Visione: How do you get out of an artists block?

Gross Clinic: To get out of an artist block I usually just try to take a few days off. Don’t do art for a couple of days, just think things through. Also I like to just jump into a different medium, that usually helps with getting new ideas.

Visione: Where do you see gross clinic in 5 years ?

Gross Clinic: In 5 years I see myself on a much clearer path than I am now, more focused on a few things and not so all over the place. Definitely want to have a lot more art shows. Hopefully some over seas.

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