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Music Radar: Galactic Effect on DJ'ing, Miami upbringing, and more

Visione: Have you always been a DJ in south Florida ?

I was born and raised in Miami, ever since I started producing in 2008, I've pretty much stayed busy mainly in the 305, but in the last few years i've moved to ft laud, I jump back and forth from playing venues here and in Miami. I love the contrast.

Visione: How did the name galactic effect come about?

Galactic Effect came out as I had to change up my original alias to something more fitting for the type of music I do. Even though I can't stick to one genre, there's always this spacey cinematic feel in a lot of my tracks. I've always been obsessed with astronomy and space as a kid, so Galactic came from my love for that, and effect is just the grand feeling you get looking at the stars.

Visione: What was it like to DJ the bikini bottom and Shrek raves ?

Deejaying the bikini bottom and Shrek raves have been some of the most thrilling shows of my life. People make a line out early before doors even open. The crowd is very responsive to multiple genres, especially at the Fort Lauderdale shows. Getting to start a moshpit with 4 or 5 different styles of music is a high I can't shake off. Ka5sh, the organizer of the event is an awesome guy. It's really nice to connect with all the other deejays and tour with the meme rave crew.

Visione: What’s one of your personal most memorable nights as a DJ?

One of my most memorable experiences as a deejay has been performing at the first two Okeechobee music festivals, particularly year 2 where I got to play three sets that were all slammed. The weather was perfect. I would like to add, anytime I get to play with a room of 150 people with a badass sound system and high energy is the biggest fulfillment I can feel as a DJ, It just hits different.

Visione: What are you most excited for, for 2023 ?

For 2023 I'm looking to expand and travel more with my music, I did a little bit of that in 2022, but I really want to go all out in 2023 with playing different states and countries. I'll be releasing another plethora of tunes, some being a return to form and some being explorative sounds in new genres. Fingers crossed 2023 is even better than 2022, this music career stuff is difficult but my friends, fam and listeners always motivate me to keep doing it

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