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Music Radar: Siouyari Drops New Tape Titled "<3AWAY"

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

We chatted with emerging artist Siouyari about his latest tape drop see what he had to say below !

Visione: What was the inspiration for this project

Siouyari: The inspiration for the entire project actually came from the first song I recorded for it. The record is called “Tiime”, it was the very first beat waevgawd (reed) has ever sent me, so ever since that day, I've just been going crazy and it eventually led to this project.

Visione: Do you think having full control over your mixing, mastering, and production makes your music more impactful?

Siouyari: I think impact is more effective with what you say and how you say it, yes being able to mix and produce your own music can definitely help you become that type of artist but at the end of the day, if you don’t have the substance or any type of swag or sauce, the people will forget you very easily. With that being said no I don’t think mixing and producing your own music can make you more impactful, I think it all depends on a persons passion and if they truly understand their purpose or not.

Visione: We know you do most of your own production work, who else contributed to this project and how did that collaboration come about?

Siouyari: So the 2 main producers for this tape are waevgawd & b4dr, almost every beat they send me is crazy from start to finish, they contributed the most to this tape providing damn near most of the beats. There’s definitely an amazing chemistry between all of our work and I’m definitely gonna share the spotlight when the time comes, them boys deserve it fr.

Visione: What's next for Siouyari?

Siouyari: The only thing that’s next for me is breaking through. Once I get in that door it’s over for a lot of people in this game, I wanna be one of the reasons people believe in the future of hip hop again, I wanna be that refresher everybody has been waiting on. The only job i ever want to worry about is waking up, making music for my amazing fans and dropping consistently and I know everything I said will come into fruition. In the meantime I have to stay patient because this is a slow and steady grind in exchange for longevity.

Check out Siouyaris music on Soundcloud and all major streaming platforms.

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